Fatty Piston

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This one may make you wonder but don’t…

What do two pieces of PVC pipe and one end cap have in common with the BBQ? Nope, I didn’t know either until I read about this wonderful contraption/concoction. Read the following link:

Cowgirls Country Life

Today after supposed to be walking and being health with the Scouts and having bad weather cancel play, I dropped by the hardware store. I wanted some fire bricks for the Weber. Sadly they didn’t have any but they did have the above mentioned PVC pipe. So I got some with the fatty piston in mind.

After a few minutes with some glue and the Dremel, I gone made me a new kitchen tool…

fatty piston

Fatty Piston

Hint if you make one of these, PVC pipe dust gets every where.

So, what am I going to make with this?

Right now, I don’t know but I’m sure I can find something good tomorrow and report back:mrgreen:

Drum kits?

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I’ve just seen this link:

Make your own drum kit

So I am going to:)

On top of the Raspberry Pi – I’ve ordered an Arduino starter kit already and with the winter coming in and kids wanting to play – it’s a good time to start and this I think is a good first big goal after doing all the little learning projects that get you this far.


Raspberry PI

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After much delay, I finally got the Raspberry PI up and running.

It’s now running Wheezy on an 8Gb card clocked to a modest 800MHz. It’s slow running X but this I knew.

What really did surprise me was the lack of effort needed to connect it to the wifi. Really was a case of bang in a USB dongle, use the wifi-config tool to set up the SSID info and boom – it’s connected. Well impressed. It’s also stable which is even more impressive.

One thing though to remember – the PI don’t do good on an under powered power supply – so using that old black berry charger rated at 500mA just won’t cut the mustard. Samsung’s USB Travel charger is rated at a very nice 1A. LIKE.

What am I going to do with the PI?

Well – for now – just brush up on Linux and Python etc. I will try turning it into an FM Transmitter. Of course this is probably illegal but the range is only 100m +/- and use a frequency that is not (much) used;) And it won’t be 24/7.

After that?

There are some cool things to do with simple I2C bus stuff and then maybe look at interfacing to Arduino and generally messing around. All good fun.

There might be something in this…

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It’s often thought that gamers are the “yoof” of today. It ain’t so. It ain’t even the 30 somethings anymore…

The lady in this link is 86!

Serious Gaming…

There is a lot to be said for this. Gaming keeps the mind active, the fingers nimble and the reactions quick. And in any event – I want to do this if ever I get to that age.

Maybe if the lady used Just Dance with the KINECT that would be amazing.

Example from smartphone

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And this is an example if posting from my Android phone. Also it allows you to directly embed pictures.



Posting from a third party client

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When writing entries for a Blog, it’s common to use the editor that comes with WP in a browser. This is ok for many things but sometimes you just need something else, for example if you are using a smartphone or such like. One of the reasons being you need more so screen than normally available via the browser.

What to do?

Simple, download and install WordPress client through Google Play. Works well.

It doesn’t offer the full feature such as if you have maps installed etc but it still does a good job.

Give it a go:-)

Using Google Maps in WP

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Adding a map of the location or other visual information to a post can greatly increase the wealth of information given.

WP has the ability to add plugins. These are little programs (if you will) that add functionality outside of the main WP application. One of these plugins allows you to include a map of the location you are posting from. Ok, this is most likely something that you won’t want to do for all posts but it can be good for somethings. Say bragging rights etc.

For this blog I’ve installed WP Geo. This installs really easy but does require a Google API Key. The installation routine explains how to do this and the Google site is pretty straight forward – you just need a Google account to do it with.

There may be a problem for some folks who use WP and that is the service is hosted and you may not be able to install it directly. If that is the case then I would suggest to contact the system admins of the site and ask if they can install the add in for you.

Anyways – once it’s installed it works really simply. It just adds a block under the normal text editor with a map. If you set a lat/lon for where you are or where you want to show the map of then it will display the map. If you leave it blank or clear it then it will remove the map. Simple. ANd it doesn’t cost anything (until you are getting over 20k impressions a month or so).

And what does the map look like? See below;)

Something else – this is just a simple addition – it is possible to do a lot more things with Maps. These will require a bit of fiddling with and perhaps a small dive into PHP but looking around on the web there are a lot of tutorials that explain how to do all this.

It’s really down to your own creativity and determination to get the results you want.

Without a map?

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some text

This post has the map attached to it but because I haven’t played with the map – I hope it doesn’t appear.

Ok – if I look at the site on a different machine then it also doesn’t show.

So would appear that it only appears if it’s messed with. The question then is how to remove the map?

Google Maps – testing display of map

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this is some text

This post has the map on it. I’m going to see if I can remove the map. First off – I’ll try resetting it.

That would appear to work. Just clear the lat and lon and it removes.

Lets add something back and see what gives….

Ok – thats a conclusion then – if you have a lat and lon in there – it displays the map. If you clear it – it doesn’t display the map. Useful.

The Pancetta…

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And the reason for starting this WP site…


Google Drive allows you to create quick and easy web forms that put data directly into an underlying spreadsheet and store the data for you. Example uses for this could be to record favourite sweets as a form of questionaire or something more mundane as recording daily weights for a curing pancetta. Which funnily enough, is what I am doing. Strange that;)


Ok – so where does this leave things?


Well – I wanted to publish the chart on Facebook – it’s not easy. I wanted to do similar on Google+ and that is likewise, not easy. Whats a guy to do? Simple – fix it your self. And so – this is what I gone done did…


Well – I’m assuming it’s simple – it might not be – lets have a go shall we?

Ok – just pasting in the code for the chart from Google Drive doesn’t work.

Have to find out what does – watch this space.

Ok – UPDATE – it does work – you just can’t preview it – I think though that it would need to be on a separate page that doesn’t move – that way – it can always be seen.

Anyways – here’s the chart:


Loading ...

Sorry :(

Can't connect ... Please try again later.

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