The Death start, and official US Government statement.

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Well, I its official. The US Government publicly states that they will not be building a deathstar. This is in response to a request by more than 34 thousand citizens who felt such a device was needed…

Death of deathstar.

The reasons given make sense but I just don’t know. Maybe this is a bit of an oversight on the behalf of the human race. Currently we have only limited ability to blow up planets, nuclear bombs only scratch the surface and the hings coming out of CERN, well they might destroy us but not in that spectacular fashion we are really wanting. I mean, just disappearing into another dimension or collapsing in on ourselves, it’s a bit wimpy to be honest.

No, what we want is a real boom…

And now, sadly, the government penny pinchers and so called scientists just fail to deliver.

How bad is that?


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