Useful packaging…

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This on is a useful little box, perfect for little gifts and stuff like that…


Be careful with the folding of the door. I had to hack the first one to make sure it closed properly. Also the latch is a bit tricky and prone to tearing the paper.

The next one…

Maybe napkin rings?


To watch here is the slotting of the ring part for the last stage.

Happy folding

Cool boat…

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Ok, well, maybe cool is an overstatement but this one would make a useful impromptu boat to play with when needed. And yes, if you a serving nibbles why not make it from banana leaves or something?


Origami Cone

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This one is easy and guess if you had a bigger sheet of paper then could be used to serve food or sweets etc? Many different uses I’m sure.

wpid-IMG_20130107_195113.jpg image

While uploading all this is all well and good – what is also useful to note is that trying to get the images in is not always that simple. What I think is also useful is to note that uploading media is a bit of a pain in the arse to get right. Of course – this could always be down to experience etc but I feel it’s a bit of a black art.

Anyways – be warned:)


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The ancient art of taking a really nice piece of paper and making a complete mess of it or…

folding it and creating something completely different.

I mention it here because I got a desk calendar for Christmas. That desk calendar is an origami one. With a page per day. To take out, fold and wonder at.

First though – a really useful site with some pretty cool and clear instructions to get y’all started:

So – what I will try to do (travel and what not permitting) is bore everyone with pictures of the foldings. There are a few here already – hey – it is the 5th of January after all. After that – I’ll try to post one a day and comment on it. I’m sure you can filter it out if you don’t want to know:)


First up – a Nightingale (apparently)


Nightingale (folded) Nightingale (Instructions)


Second is a raincoat


Raincoat (Instructions) Raincoat (folded)


There were a few others but not that spectacular I’m afraid. I have sneaked a look at some of the others and they do get better.


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