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To summerise this article:

Treadmill Desks

  • Walking while you work can really help save your health.
  • You burn about 100 calories per mile (1.6km) while walking at 1 mph
  • Walking can help with muscle imbalance and strengthen lower back issues (from sitting all day)
  • Walking can help with your overall wellness

There is also a lot of research done on the benefits of just walking. Not running, Not Cycling, Not Gym or Swimming, just Walking.

I know form my own experience that once I started walking at lunch (about 4km in 40 mins) I started to loose weight and feel generally a lot better both physically and mentally. Sure – it was tough at first – the first week – I couldn’t really manage more the 2km without really feeling it. And thats kind of the issue…

We sit at our desks, we maybe go to the gym occasionally. Is this enough? Most likely not. Why? Well…

If we look at how our bodies have evolved – they are supposed to be used to near constant motion. You can imagine that if and when they stop doing that – then they get lazy and weak. This is what happens when you sit all day. Even doing all that exercise during 3 sessions in the gym a week isn’t going to do much. You need to change how you do things…

Move around, use the stairs, walk to the shops instead of taking the car, even walk to work. When you get home, don’t just sit on the couch all evening, cook, clean, anything that requires you to move.

Do more than an hour a day of walking. Try to get at least 10,000 steps in. That’s enough to help fight the flab and get your body working for you instead of against you. That’s enough to help your body to begin getting in balance again. That’s enough to help fight off things like diabetes. That’s enough to fight off depression.

So – what are you going to do?

Stand up, walk around, get in balance, get wellness…

Get walking.Feeling Good

Running in Abu Dhabi

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So there you are…

Away on work in Abu Dhabi. You are a lazy sod couch potato who’s done nothing for the last month. You’ve just done a good days training. You know you have another hour to do to finish off something. Do you:

a) Go to the bar, drink a few beers, have a meal, get back and fret about doing stuff

b) Go to the pool, take advantage of the bar, have a few beers, have a meal, get back and fret about doing stuff


c) Wear the temporary insanity hat, put on your running shoes and go for a quick trot around the block? Oh – and it’s 27 deg C.

Well dear reader – as I’m writing this and the spelling is almost good, logic would deduce I didn’t go for A or B. It was tempting, it is Sunday after all. But I was strong. I let the madness take over and did the running.

Now – I’ve see guys running over here and to be honest I always thought they were crazy. Now I’m happy to confirm they are. Having done it – I really can say, with no shadow (and that would have been something lovely to have had along the way) of a doubt – they are crazy. It’s hot, it’s bright, it’s dusty but one thing it isn’t is humid. And therein is somewhat of a cautionary tale…

For anyone doing exercise in warm places from whence you come not – check the humidity. If it’s dry – you won’t feel the temperature. You will underestimate it by a good few degrees. You will sweat a lot and you just won’t notice. Be warned.

Now – about the run – the route is all roads and has maybe 1km along the river. On the river are all sorts of jet skis. As it’s the locals that tend to be on the jet skis, you are presented with something of a cultural contrast i.e. big noisy wet bikes being ridden by guys in dishdash. But these guys can (mostly) ride.

OK – really – about the run. It’s a slog. Point out. But it’s a slog that benefits. And that’s kind of the point…

Sometimes you have to run because you have to run. Not for the pleasures of the view or the freedom or the air. You just have to run because when you finish you know you will feel good. Not during the run but afterwards. Knowing you have put some effort into it. Knowing that you kept going in the face of “the slog”.

Be happy, Be proud – you did itBig Smile

See – told you I succumbed to the crazy.

Route is here

Try this – Funky Eggs

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This one sounds strange and looks probably worse but it tastes really good. Also – it’s easy to adapt and change to whatever you have available as long as you have eggs, tomatoes and some soy sauce…

Funky Eggs (probably something else in other culturesTongue Out)

Serves 1 or maybe 2 as a starter?


  • 2 Eggs, beaten
  • 2 Tomatoes, in 8’s
  • Wok oil
  • 2 Cloves Garlic, finely chopped

 Now for the Funky bit…

  • 1 Chicken breast, sliced into strips
  • Soy Sauce
  • Few splashes Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Freshly Ground Black Pepper
  • 6 Tbls Porridge Oats


Heat oil in wok, add garlic, leave for few minutes. Add chicken, soy, vinegar, pepper and cook chicken until it’s done. Note sauce will reduce and go a bit thicker. Also – you could always marinate chicken first in same mix. Whatever worksCool

When chicken is done, throw in tomatoes and stir around for a while until the tomatoes look to start cooking (maybe a minute or so?). Add the oats, stir and then add in the eggs. Stir to get everything mixed together, allow eggs to cook and then serve.

Nice to put some tabasco in their or a splash of Worcester sauce etc.

Then eat while warm.

Yup – it looks maybe not the best but it certainly tastes good and is low carb as well as filling.

There might be something in this…

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It’s often thought that gamers are the “yoof” of today. It ain’t so. It ain’t even the 30 somethings anymore…

The lady in this link is 86!

Serious Gaming…

There is a lot to be said for this. Gaming keeps the mind active, the fingers nimble and the reactions quick. And in any event – I want to do this if ever I get to that age.

Maybe if the lady used Just Dance with the KINECT that would be amazing.

83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions | Greatist

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As i quite enjoy cooking and stuff and am also on a journey to loose a fair bit of weight – I have taken a lot more interest in what I eat and how it’s made.

There are certain foods I avoid although still would like to be able to encounter in my cooking. This is either from a calorific or a pure wellness  point of view. Sometimes there are just far healthier alternatives.

Anyways – I came across this page the other day – lots of good suggestions in here. And yes – I have tried some of them and they work well:)

83 Healthy Recipe Substitutions | Greatist.


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