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bike pathA friend proposed the idea that he would like to do some long distance cycling in South Africa.

Why not?

Well, personally, having been there, I can think of a good few reasons why not but I will not digress. What I will say though is that while that may be the goal, it’s a very good idea to get some smaller successes under your belt first.

That got me to thinking about what and where are some long distant cycle paths in Europe. So a little Googling and Bob’s your uncle…

EuroVelo┬áis a network of routes set up by the European Cyclists’ Federation connecting many European countries. Currently there are 14 routes but it is expected that these will increase substantially by 2020. The routes can be found here:

EuroVelo Cycling Routes

A recent article from The Worldwide Cycling Atlas gives a little more information on these routes together with some hopping off points for further exploration.

For Brits the Telegraph has a good article on a number of UK Cycle Routes. It’s not totally comprehensive but is a good start.

For those in The Netherlands, there is a good blog that contains quite a lot of information on cycling in The Netherlands (and it’s in English). NL Cycling – Long Distance Paths. And speaking of cycling in The Netherlands, if you need a great route planner…

Nederland Fietsland Routeplanner

Probably this is not a bad place to start out if you really want to do some long distance stuff. The routes are safe, there are lots of camp sites & repair shops and maybe the best bit – it’s all FLAT;)

I’ll post more paths and stuff as I find them. If you have any favourite paths then let me know – I’ll happily publish them.






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