Quick Egg Frittata

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OK, I’ve no idea if this officially counts as a frittata or not, especially after reading around a little. But I don’t really care:mrgreen:

This is a good snack or lunch for those doing low carb or just good in general. Also this is more an idea and not prescriptive. It’s your  kitchen, get creative.


4 eggs, well beaten
2 cloves garlic finely chopped
Half onion finely chopped
Salt & pepper (and whatever) beaten with eggs
Lug of Olive oil (to use a Jamie’ism)
Good splash of milk added into eggs
And more or less whatever else you feel like

Heat the oil and get the onion and garlic. Also if you are going to put in anything like a bell pepper or meat, now is a good time. When the onion or extra are soft, simply add the egg mixture and if you have cheese or maybe little cherry tomatoes then add these on top. Turn down the heart and if you got it, put a lid on the pan.

Leave to cook until the eggs are cooked through, take off the best and serve. Have it with some good brown bread and its a great little meal.



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