Running in Abu Dhabi

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So there you are…

Away on work in Abu Dhabi. You are a lazy sod couch potato who’s done nothing for the last month. You’ve just done a good days training. You know you have another hour to do to finish off something. Do you:

a) Go to the bar, drink a few beers, have a meal, get back and fret about doing stuff

b) Go to the pool, take advantage of the bar, have a few beers, have a meal, get back and fret about doing stuff


c) Wear the temporary insanity hat, put on your running shoes and go for a quick trot around the block? Oh – and it’s 27 deg C.

Well dear reader – as I’m writing this and the spelling is almost good, logic would deduce I didn’t go for A or B. It was tempting, it is Sunday after all. But I was strong. I let the madness take over and did the running.

Now – I’ve see guys running over here and to be honest I always thought they were crazy. Now I’m happy to confirm they are. Having done it – I really can say, with no shadow (and that would have been something lovely to have had along the way) of a doubt – they are crazy. It’s hot, it’s bright, it’s dusty but one thing it isn’t is humid. And therein is somewhat of a cautionary tale…

For anyone doing exercise in warm places from whence you come not – check the humidity. If it’s dry – you won’t feel the temperature. You will underestimate it by a good few degrees. You will sweat a lot and you just won’t notice. Be warned.

Now – about the run – the route is all roads and has maybe 1km along the river. On the river are all sorts of jet skis. As it’s the locals that tend to be on the jet skis, you are presented with something of a cultural contrast i.e. big noisy wet bikes being ridden by guys in dishdash. But these guys can (mostly) ride.

OK – really – about the run. It’s a slog. Point out. But it’s a slog that benefits. And that’s kind of the point…

Sometimes you have to run because you have to run. Not for the pleasures of the view or the freedom or the air. You just have to run because when you finish you know you will feel good. Not during the run but afterwards. Knowing you have put some effort into it. Knowing that you kept going in the face of “the slog”.

Be happy, Be proud – you did itBig Smile

See – told you I succumbed to the crazy.

Route is here

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