Pancetta – the Results…

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Right – after 1 month of careful hanging and weighing it’s ready!

The result:

It’s lost 33% of it’s weight and is considered done. It’s firm and taking off the cheese cloth revealed, well, a really rather nice looking piece of dried & cured meat. It’s not exactly pretty – I think this is because I tied the string too tight (something to remember for next time) but it tastes pretty amazing.

The first cut into it revealed (much to my surprise) something that really looked the job. Smelling it confirmed this (ok – probably best to do it the other way round but I was really curious as to what it looked like “inside”. As for tasting – well – if you have never had pancetta – I can seriously recommend it. If you have never had home made – I can recommend it even more:) This really is something to try at home.

The taste?

Is something special. It’s quite powerful so you don’t need a lot, You can eat it as is (a form of jerky) or use it as a replacement for bacon bits in sauces. I just had some in an omelette. I cut a thick slice (maybe 1/4″/4mm) and cubed it. I then fried it for a little to make the fat run, poured in the egg, added a couple thin slices of brie and bang – you have a very special lunchSealed

The original recipe is here:

I’ve a graph of weight over time here:

What do I learn from this?

  • Don’t be scared of trying something new.
  • Making your own meats gives good results.
  • Patience is a virtueCool

Will I do this again?

Absolutely. I’ll probably start a few more over the weekend. I’ll again record the weight but this time I’ll try different marinades and learn how to do belly bondage the right wayWink

And now some pictures, in chronological order:

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