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The ancient art of taking a really nice piece of paper and making a complete mess of it or…

folding it and creating something completely different.

I mention it here because I got a desk calendar for Christmas. That desk calendar is an origami one. With a page per day. To take out, fold and wonder at.

First though – a really useful site with some pretty cool and clear instructions to get y’all started:


So – what I will try to do (travel and what not permitting) is bore everyone with pictures of the foldings. There are a few here already – hey – it is the 5th of January after all. After that – I’ll try to post one a day and comment on it. I’m sure you can filter it out if you don’t want to know:)


First up – a Nightingale (apparently)


Nightingale (folded) Nightingale (Instructions)


Second is a raincoat


Raincoat (Instructions) Raincoat (folded)


There were a few others but not that spectacular I’m afraid. I have sneaked a look at some of the others and they do get better.

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