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No photos on this one – just a few observations:)

Get a leg of lamb. Most likely it’s quite mature lamb but hey – beggars can’t be choosers. Mine was about 1.3  kg with the bone removed. I think it was butterflyed but I don’t know.

Marinade in wine, olive oil and lemon juice together with onion, garlic and a bit of whatever else takes your fancy (fresh rosemary is nice). Leave it in there for a few hours, preferably over night. Yes – covered and in the fridge. Turn it a few times.

Fire up the BBQ. Use indirect heat and keep the temp at around 150 to 170 deg C. I’ve got a Weber and it has side bars to hold the coals. This is a nice idea but I’m not 100% convinced. I’m going to try this again and put the coals to one side rather than splitting them to each side. I have a feeling the temperature will maintain easier and also – when it comes colder – will be hotter (if you catch my drift).

Make sure to put a drip catcher under the meat. Well – if you want the BBQ to stay clean that is. If not – hey – don’t. It’s not me that will have to clean the smelly mess after a week of it festering.

NOTE – the drip catcher not only catches the juice from the meat but it also heats up that juice and helps to keep the inside of the BBQ moist. This helps prevent the meat drying out.

Once the BBQ is hot enough (I use Weber Premium briquets – about 30 – and make sure they are good and hot before I place them. Hint – when the instructions say make sure all the coals have grey ash on them – listen to it. It’s true!)…

Put on the meat and put the lid back on quickly but carefully. Don’t throw it back on – the draft will waft up the ash onto the meat.

Leave the meat on for around 30 mins per 500g (at 170 deg C). Adjust time accordingly. I noticed that my BBQ dropped to around 140 deg C after 30 mins but stayed there – this is why I will try positioning the coals different next time. Turn once.

To check it’s done – use a meat thermometer in the thickest part.

When done – take it out and let it rest under foil.

At this point – BBQ your veggies (aubergine, courgette, paprika etc). You will probably need to adjust your coals – or even use some new ones. The Weber premium briquets are great but they are very fragile once lit – the tend to disintegrate when being moved around.

When all is done – serve:)


What to try next time?

Well – other than the coal positions – I will maybe try lower temp for much longer. This gives the meat a less tough texture (I can’t for the life in me think of the proper word).

Most likely I’ll blog about it.

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