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Last year I bought a Biolite Stove. It’s a cool little thing that allows you to burn wood for cooking and charges up a USB device at the same time. Fan assisted it helps burn the wood efficiently and without much smoke.

On the whole my experiences with it both in the garden and in real camping situations have been very positive. So where is the but?

I guess the only real but is that you need to practice a bit to get the fire right. Anyways – lets not worry about that right now:)

Biolite also have a grill – something I couldn’t resist:) It drops on top of the biolite and, well, does what is says – works as a grill:


Biolite Burgers:)

So why post a picture now?

Well – largely because I can – and also because I want to. That out of the way. What else is cool about the grill?

  • You can put it in the dishwasher to clean it. Always useful.
  • The meat cooks really well. Those burgers on the picture are thick. They cooked well, all  the way through and remained juicy without getting burnt to a crisp on the outside.  Not bad considering the heat that the grill can give off.
  • It’s a real fire:) (Always a bonus)


And its coming summer. It’s BBQ season.

Thats not really true. The first BBQ of the year was had the end of January! It’s been a VERY mild winter.

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